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About us

3inetworks JSC is the service provider for SME with the aim to bring the profit maximization for customers when they work on the Internet. Since 2003, 3inetworks has provided limited web hosting services, up to now, 3inetworks JSC is managing systems, that contain of high-end hosting servers and serving variety of customers from the individual who needs a private website or new established companies to the telecom companies that are inside and outside of Viet Nam.

If you want to find a cheap service package with many system resources, it is difficult to serve by 3inetworks JSC. If you want to have a website which operates stably and access easily from everywhere in the world, 3inetworks is willing to serve with an affordable price meanwhile saving time, saving effort and you just need to concentrate in doing your business.

With dedicated sever system that are put in the two leader datacenters in USA and Viet Nam, we use the network service provided by leader companies included NTT/Verio, Level(3), Global Crossing, Intergra Telecom. So, customers are not worried because their websites always use up the designed capacity.

For more information, please contact Ha Noi office:

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As a securities brokerage firm finance, the exchange and update information internally as well as keep smooth communication with customers is very important. When using service from 3inetworks, we know that email will be used continuously 24/7 that helps us always updated with the latest information for all employees, and customers. Customers trust our advices, we believe in 3inetworks!
Nguyen Ngoc Long