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Privacy policy

I. Restriction

3inetworks JSC will protect individual information of customers on the websites, included http://www.3inetwork.com, http://www.3inetwork.com.vn and their sub-domains. When customers access and use our websites, these mean they confirm and accept the conditions and terms of 3inetworks JSC. If not, please do not access those websites.


  1. As accessing our websites, 3inetworks will record general information: domain name, IP address, website’s name etc where lead customers go to our website. The time customers stay on each page can be kept by 3inetworks for using and improving the website effectively.
  2. When giving private information to 3inetworks JSC, customers must accept the information can be transmitted or treated in another country without information protection.
    • Full name, address, email, telephone, fax (if any)
    • Name of delegated person for registration if the registrator is an organization, association or a business. Name, address, email, telephone, fax of the administrator as well as technical manager.
    • Any information involved in domain name which is registered, can be appeared on Whois data. We will use the email provided by customers to confirm online registering service.
  3. We will not sell or provide private information of our customer to anyone unless
    • Customers allow sharing information
    • Need to share customer’s information when providing services of product those customers ask.
    • Having request from the court, government's offices to provide the information
    • 3inetworks detects that customer’s website broke the above terms or using rules of providing service/product information.
  4. Protecting children’s right is an important thing so we never collect or maintain the information on the website if we know they are under 18. We do not design any parts on the web with attractive content for the eighteen year old teenagers.
  5. Cookies: we enable to set up and access “Cookies” on customer’s computer
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As a securities brokerage firm finance, the exchange and update information internally as well as keep smooth communication with customers is very important. When using service from 3inetworks, we know that email will be used continuously 24/7 that helps us always updated with the latest information for all employees, and customers. Customers trust our advices, we believe in 3inetworks!
Nguyen Ngoc Long