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International domain names service

The domain name is a business address and only identified on the Internet. Each business should have their own domain name to protect their brand. International domain name has the form of domainname.com, domainname.net, etc.

3inetworks JSC is the level one agent of DirectI and NetEarth One - the two registrars are recognized by ICANN (ICANN accredited registrars). Thousand domain names are issued by 3inetworks’s service. All the international domain names registered by 3inetworks have an individual management account with dominant features.

You can check whether the domain name is still available or not, by using the following form, then you can register online. After finishing registered steps, you will receive an email announcing the fee and other necessary information for payment. The domain name will be activated after 3inetworks confirms your payment.

Domain name:

Switching the domain name to 3inetworks for management

Besides providing new domain names, 3inetworks also receives those domain names, which registered previously by other registrars, want to be moved to 3inetworks for management. After moving, your domain name will be extended one more year from the current expired date

In order to switch the international domain name, you need to be sure that your domain name can be moved. Here are the basic information:

  1. The domain name is unlocked
  2. The domain name is still being used or the expired date is no more than ten days (different from each registrar).
  3. The authorize code is exactly.
  4. The administrator can check the current email (in Whois information) to confirm the moving.
  5. The domain name is in the domain name list provided by 3inetworks.
If you are not sure about this, please contact us for detail checking.

Domain name registration agency

Many web design companies choose 3inetworks to become an agency of domain name registration. The agency only needs to pay in advance $100 to open an account and then the agency can register international domain name at any time without contacting 3inetworks again. This amount of money will be used to register domain names for their customers. If the account is out of money, the agency has to add more money to continue the registration.

The agency has the right to initiate small account for their customers as well as create more agents of lower level and manage all the domain name allocated them.

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