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Customers often ask 3inetworks about that question when coming to our services. After checking, we usually have the same answer to all: their web sites are not optimized for search engines and it is not good at the beginning of design stage.

A lot of web design companies just do a simple work: cutting images, pasting code, using free template on the Internet without writing real code for web. Those codes only serve the appearance of websites on the Internet, not to obey the searching rules of search engines (SE) like Google, Bing. 3inetworks will help your business to avoid those errors by our service – SEO web design!

SEO – search engine optimization need to be done during the code writing process. After a website starts running, the SE will crawl, index it and put into Google or Bing databases if its content is relevant to the search queries.

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Support: Very good, support has always been helpful and in the end has always gotten my issue resolved. Right now I have an outstanding POP3 mail issue in that the outgoing SMTP doesn't seem to work right but the incoming is working fine but I do have webmail so its not too great of an issue. They've helped me and given me suggestions on disabling catch-all mail so my server won't be bogged down by e-mails bombs and a couple other issues on brute force attacks. Overall I'm quite pleased by the support. Never have been billed extra for support. Generally I'd give this host a 9/10 as it is probably tied for the best host(with phatservers.net which I used for about a year and a half) I've been with
Yinan Chen