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Clustering systems

Different from other providers, the servers system of 3inetworks is built based on clustering technology which shares the processing components to many servers. This allows us to optimize the hardware as well as the software. Simultaneously, it minimizes the downtime if there is a problem occurs in a component.

DNS failed-over / cluster

Each domain name hosted in 3inetworks system is used nameservers which are set up on the two different data centers. If the first DNS server has an issue, the DNS server in the second IDC still serves all requests well.

What is the difference here? Many providers set up two name servers on one server. So, when this server has problem, all the domain names pointed to there will stop working. Meanwhile, with the DNS are set up on different servers in two different IDC, 3inetworks increases the maximum of the system uptime.

mySQL cluster

All servers used for shared hosting are set up in clustering mode with web, database, dns servers are run on their dedicated servers. The web and database servers are linked together via Gigabits private LAN, which guarantees for the latency less than 1ms. With shared hosting accounts, the number of concurrent connections for one mySQL user is 50. This is a large amount when you compare to the other providers allowing 20 - 25 connections at the same time.

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Support: Very good, support has always been helpful and in the end has always gotten my issue resolved. Right now I have an outstanding POP3 mail issue in that the outgoing SMTP doesn't seem to work right but the incoming is working fine but I do have webmail so its not too great of an issue. They've helped me and given me suggestions on disabling catch-all mail so my server won't be bogged down by e-mails bombs and a couple other issues on brute force attacks. Overall I'm quite pleased by the support. Never have been billed extra for support. Generally I'd give this host a 9/10 as it is probably tied for the best host(with phatservers.net which I used for about a year and a half) I've been with
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