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Supermicro machines

Different than most of the hosting vendors, 3inetworks orders all components for server systems by ourselves based on our need then put them in the standard datacenters, we do not rent servers. Therefore, we know which equipments we are using and we are confident of choosing the components to configure servers for customer who requires special needs.

Only Supermicro servers are used in 3inetworks. We commit not to use the low quality hardware for any servers. This will guarantee the highest quality and the best operation of servers. All the servers for shared hosting, including personal, business, reseller hosting, và virtual machines - VPS are set up raid10 technology and has the minimum of four hard disks. So, the highest processing speed is guaranteed and the system outage is reduced when the hard disks' problem happens

Our server systems are always changed and replaced after two or three years. Hence, customers will be used a new computing technology. Simultaneously, the new technology will help to reduce electrical spending at the datacenters meanwhile protecting the environment.

hosting servers

The new servers series in 3inetworks utilize

Before using, each server is tested at “burning” mode with minimum of 24h. Moreover, 3inetworks always keeps spare parts at data centers. In case of having problem with hardware, we can substitute immediately and reduce the maximum of system disconnection.

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