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The data center has been built and managed by Netriver Corporation in Lynnwood city, Washington State, USA. This is the show-case datacenter built following APC’s technology - the famous corporation about power and datacenter solutions. This is also the second Netriver datacenter after the first IDC in Spokane city.

Different from other datacenters that rent space in larger buildings, Netriver is the owner of Netriver building in Lynnwood city. This facilitates the implementation of supporting systems for datacenter’s operation comfortably. Most datacenters in USA rent spaces on the high floors of the buildings then set up supporting equipment below. That means the space for electrical system, datacenter cooling system... will be limited and difficult to guarantee the operation of the whole system when the main supplied resource has the problem.

The Internet connections of Netriver IDC in Lynnwood are operating through three separately fiber rings

redundant 10Gbps networks

Those three cables are configured in order to work parallel. Whenever a system breaks down, the connection will be automatic shared on the two remaining cables. This guarantees the connections to the datacenter always ON at anytime. Comparing to other providers whose connections are only within one building, this is the strength that not any providers can commit. This allows 3inetworks setting up those systems which require high quality connection such as VoIP or data transferring connection for financial companies..

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