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Viettel IDCs is the cooperation between Viettel Telecom Corporation and the biggest telecom service provider in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom, which provides service for many big companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, ASUS, etc. Viettel IDC is the first Tier 3 International Standard IDC, 24/7 operation and 99,999% of availability

International peerings
domestic backbone

As the result, 3inetworks chooses Phap Van IDC to set up our servers system. This Vietnam-based servers system brings 3inetworks‘s customers whose visitors of their website mainly from Vietnam the same benefits as the server system in Netriver IDC, and strengthens the support for customers who want to use a server in Vietnam.

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The network system is really good. It makes our customers’ calls from America to Viet Nam smoothly. 3inetworks always assists us when we need with the spirit of developing together
Kevin Nguyen